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natural and propane gas


Supply our office with a copy of your utility bills. we will process your bills through our comprehensive database of potential rates and determine if you have been paying the appropriate rates.  If there is an overcharge, we will analyze the over payments and determine the duration of fees. We will then contact the utilities involved and arrange for a refund for your company. 

Your company does absolutely nothing but supply us with a copy of your bill.

If there have been no overcharges, you can rest easy knowing that you have done everything for your company to control expenses and it has cost you nothing.  There is no payment unless we recover money.

If on the other hand, we do discover that there has been an over payment, we ask for a refund on your behalf, as far as the law allows (typically three to five years depending on your state)and we split the refund with you on a 50/50 basis.

It is money that you would never get back without our audit. 

it requires little effort on your part, Just supply us with a copy of your utility bills, (electric, gas, water, and sewer).  It is a winning situation. If we find overcharges that result in refunds or credits, you recover those overcharges for as much as three years back.